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Mick Rock

The Man That Shot The Seventies

Mick Rock x Fin DAC – The legendary photographer teamed up with international street art innovator for a highly anticipated project titled ‘MIDARO’ -  back in March 2021 on the late Lou Reed's birthday +  Online Auction for International Women’s Day with an exclusive print of Debbie Harry.

London based gallerists -West Contemporary announced the artistic collision of two of the international art market’s most influential names, the late Mick Rock and Fin DAC. This was the first ever collaboration for the two leaders of their chosen media.

Combining their decades-long honing of their respective crafts of photography and painting, both artists had an unprecedented demand that made this marriage of art a particularly poignant partnership.  Separately enjoying a loyal global following and with available works being such a rarity, this fusion allowed for collectors and enthusiasts to finally see a much requested link-up that produced coveted artworks.

Globally known as The Man That Shot The Seventies, Mick Rock not only photographed the likes of Freddie Mercury, Madonna, The Ramones, Queen, Ozzy Osbourne, ‘The Rocky Horror picture  Show’, The Sex Pistols and more contemporary subjects such as Lady Gaga, Snoop Dogg , Kate Moss, Lenny Kravitz, Janelle Monaie and Miley Cyrus – but he also held a personal accolade of being considered one of the greatest portrait photographers of our time.

Fin DAC, the only artist to be commissioned by the Frida Khalo Foundation, is the godfather of the ‘urban aesthetics’ look – a unique, non-conformist take on street art that has seen him work with establishments such as The Royal Albert Hall and O2 arena and with brands such as Armani, Red Bull and Ciroc. Delicately promoting Eastern cultural appreciation and a missed-in-the-industry progressive take on female empowerment, the artist’s work is bold, brave and timeless.

Using the photographer’s iconic images of David Bowie, Debbie Harry, Lou Reed and Iggy Pop, the global release of 4 x limited edition prints each in an edition of 51, to celebrate the number of Rock’s years in the industry at the time (51 years) sold out-immediately upon release.  On International Women’s Day 3 exclusive prints were also auctioned of the iconic singer Debbie Harry for 3 charities (  Care International  CALM, and the NHS).


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