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Frank & Tyrone Lebon



Spring 2017

In the Spring of 2017 UK photographers and directors Frank  & Tyrone Lebon had been working on a new film and book project entitled Inside the Bum which was a behind the scenes look at the making of Harmony Korine’s new film which has just launched in the USA.


DoBedo launched a 106 page, limited edition photographic book, in LA, London and NY that documents the making of the new film by director Harmony Korine - 'The Beach Bum‘ - starring Matthew McConaughey, Jonah Hill, Isla Fisher, Snoop Dogg, and Zac Efron.


In October of 2017 the Lebon brothers, Frank and Tyrone, were invited onto the set of Harmony Korine’s latest film, The Beach Bum for a period of six weeks. Given the freedom to wander the set as they pleased, the Lebon’s received unrestricted access and a privileged insight into the filmmaking process of Korine - a long time inspiration for both brothers. They came home with thousands of photographs and 50+ hours of footage which has been edited down over the course of the intervening year, and has resulted in two distinct pieces of collaborative work - a twenty-minute film and a limited-edition photographic book titled Inside the Bum. This is the first collaboration of this scale between the two brothers, and their first collaboration with Harmony Korine.

The book was a compilation of photographs, video stills, written diary entries, call sheets, and vintage Florida tourist paraphernalia taped together into a scrap book of sorts; part on-set documentary photography, part notebook of thoughts, questions and anecdotes for their film. Korine’s colorful set provided a seemingly unending bountiful stream of wild and wacky scenarios to document, from naked hobos destroying Miami-mansions to Moondog (McConaughey) setting boats on fire and dancing in tinfoil underwear. The mayhem of the set was balanced with the brothers’ delicate care for and interest in Korine’s craft and philosophies; evident in the quieter portraits and reflective notes scattered throughout the book.

The Lebon brothers captured the poetic creative process and world that Korine himself employs in the making of his films. Inside the Bum is both a reflection of and on Korine’s approach to filmmaking and to life itself.


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